Matthew Perry’s Death: Ketamine Misuse Revealed in Autopsy


The recent autopsy report on Matthew Perry, renowned for his role in ‘Friends,’ has shed light on the cause of his tragic death. The findings suggest the presence of ketamine in his system, prompting discussions about its potential misuse and implications. Amidst these revelations, questions persist regarding the nature of his ketamine use and its intersection with his ongoing battle with addiction.


The post-mortem examination of Matthew Perry’s body disclosed startling details, indicating the involvement of ketamine in his untimely demise. Dr. Bankole Johnson, a prominent neuroscientist, raised concerns about the possible recreational use of ketamine by Perry, emphasizing the risks associated with its interaction with buprenorphine, a medication Perry was using to combat opioid addiction.

The Nature of Ketamine Use

While Perry had documented ketamine infusion therapy for managing depression and anxiety a mere week and a half before his passing, Johnson stressed the critical importance of professional administration. He cautioned against self-administered intranasal methods, citing their potential dangers and their tendency to escalate drug-seeking behaviors.

Complications and Toxicology Findings

Toxicology results indicated elevated ketamine levels exceeding those typically observed in controlled medical settings. Perry’s use of buprenorphine, which can intensify ketamine’s sedative effects and induce unresponsiveness, further complicated the situation, as described by Johnson.

The Shadows of Addiction

Perry’s history of addiction, extensively chronicled in his 2022 memoir, highlighted his struggles, including a near-fatal incident due to opioid overuse. These struggles cast a poignant shadow over his passing, inviting deeper reflection on the complexities of addiction and its potentially tragic consequences.

The Medical Examiner’s Report

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s report acknowledged ketamine’s misuse in recreational settings like parties and raves. However, it refrained from conclusively stating whether Perry had misused or illicitly obtained the drug, leaving lingering uncertainties.

Dr. Johnson’s Cautionary Advice

Dr. Johnson underscored that ketamine is a scheduled medication meant for prescription by licensed medical professionals, cautioning against risky self-medication or unsupervised micro-dosing due to their limited efficacy and potential hazards.

Jennifer Aniston’s Testimony

Jennifer Aniston, Perry’s close friend and ‘Friends’ co-star, shared her perspective, highlighting Perry’s positive state of mind before his passing. She recalled their recent interactions, painting a picture of Perry’s happiness and absence of apparent struggles.

Matthew Perry’s tragic demise has stirred discussions about the complexities of addiction, the implications of drug use, and the need for safe and monitored medical practices. As investigations continue, his passing serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the challenges faced in battling addiction.

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