Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s Selfie with PM Narendra Modi Sets Social Media Abuzz at COP28


Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s encounter at COP28 has taken social media by storm. A selfie shared by Meloni has gone viral, amassing over 362,000 likes and sparking numerous conversations online. Their meeting on the sidelines of the global climate summit marked a significant moment during the event.

Meeting at COP28

During the ongoing COP28, world leaders gathered to discuss crucial climate initiatives and strategies. Amidst this, PM Modi and Italian PM Meloni had a notable interaction. Their meeting wasn’t just about formal discussions; it included a personal touch when Meloni shared a cheerful selfie with Modi.

The Viral Selfie

The selfie captured the jovial spirit of the encounter, showcasing both leaders smiling together. Meloni’s post quickly gained traction, becoming a viral sensation on various social media platforms. The warmth and camaraderie between the two leaders resonated with audiences worldwide, leading to an overwhelming response online.

Social Media Frenzy

Within a short span, Meloni’s post garnered an impressive 362,000 likes and a multitude of comments. People from diverse backgrounds and regions engaged with the post, expressing admiration for the leaders and highlighting the significance of such diplomatic moments in fostering international relations.

Reactions and Comments

The comments section of the post witnessed a flurry of reactions. Users expressed appreciation for the leaders’ camaraderie and their joint commitment to addressing global challenges, particularly those related to climate change. Many praised the gesture as a symbol of collaboration between nations striving for a sustainable future.

Global Impact

The widespread attention garnered by the selfie extended beyond social media. It served as a reminder of the importance of global cooperation in addressing pressing issues like climate change. The interaction between Meloni and Modi exemplified the significance of diplomatic relations in tackling shared challenges.


Italian PM Giorgia Meloni‘s selfie with PM Modi at COP28 has become a global talking point, transcending political boundaries. The viral post not only showcased the amicable relations between two influential leaders but also emphasized the collective efforts needed to combat climate change on a global scale. As discussions continue at COP28, moments like these underscore the potential for collaboration and solidarity among nations for a sustainable future.

The encounter between the Italian and Indian Prime Ministers at COP28 wasn’t just a meeting; it was a moment that resonated globally, capturing the essence of collaboration in the face of pressing global challenges.

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