How to Change Your Age on Discord – A Comprehensive Guide

Discord, a popular platform for socializing and connecting with communities, is an excellent space to interact with friends and join diverse servers. However, for some servers catering to adults, a minimum age requirement of 18+ is essential. If you’ve erroneously entered an incorrect birthdate and are at risk of facing an account ban, the question arises: How can you change your age on Discord?

Understanding the Age Change Process

Altering your age on Discord is not a straightforward task since there isn’t a designated setting for changing your birthdate. Nevertheless, a workaround exists, and this guide aims to provide a step-by-step approach to help you navigate this process seamlessly.

Reasons for Age Modification

The primary motive for adjusting one’s Discord age typically revolves around gaining access to Not Safe for Work (NSFW) servers on the platform. Although Discord permits account creation for users aged 12 and above, those between 13 and 17 face restrictions on accessing NSFW content.

Pre-requisites for Age Update Request

Before initiating the age update request, certain prerequisites must be met:

  1. A clear photo ID displaying your accurate birthdate, such as a government-issued ID or passport.
  2. Jot down your Discord tag (user#2323) on paper, ensuring visibility.
  3. Capture a photo of yourself holding the aforementioned ID and the written Discord tag. Clarity is crucial to avoid rejection by Discord.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Age on Discord:

  1. Submit a Request on Discord:
    • Navigate to the Discord support page.
    • In the “What can we help you with?” dropdown, select “Trust & Safety.”
    • Enter your Discord-connected email address and choose “Appeals, age update, and other questions” from the “How can we help?” dropdown.

2. Fill in Your Date of Birth:

  • Choose “Update my age information” from the options.
  • Enter your birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format, confirming attachment of required materials.

3. Attach a Photo of Yourself Holding Your ID:

  • In the subject line, enter a concise description like “Need help in changing my age.”
  • In the description box, articulate your reason for the age modification.
  • Use the “Attachments (optional)” option to upload the photo with your ID and Discord tag.
  • Ensure the photo is sent from the email linked to your Discord account.
  • Click “Submit” to finalize the process.

    Changing Discord Age Without Verification

    Unfortunately, changing your age on Discord requires submitting ID proof, leaving no viable method for bypassing verification. However, creating a new account with the correct age is a feasible alternative, granting access to Discord content without verification hassles.

    Minimum Age Requirement for Discord: As per Discord’s Terms of Service, users must be at least 13 years old to use the platform. Regional variations may impose a minimum age of 14 to 15 in certain areas.

    Consequences of Underage Access to NSFW Servers: Accessing NSFW content or servers without meeting the age requirement poses a risk of account banning. While Discord may not actively monitor user activities, reports of underage accounts may result in account lockouts. To unlock the account, users must verify their age and follow the appeal process outlined above.

    Final Thoughts: This comprehensive guide covers the process of changing your age on Discord, providing a solution for those facing the challenge of incorrect birthdate entries. For any additional queries, feel free to comment below, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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